About Us

The inspiration for the Purbeck Soap Company came from a perfect summer sunset over Kimmeridge bay, a glass of wine and the company of great friends!set2_06

We wanted to build something that brought together our backgrounds and our love of creativity, cooking, horticulture and design, and most importantly our passion for where we live and how we feel about it… Purbeck – a perfect corner of Dorset.

What mattered to us most was to produce a soap that was truly a piece of Purbeck, so we sourced as many ingredients grown and produced locally as we could; from Woodland Spring water deep under the Purbeck Hills, thick dark Dorset Heathland Honey and from Rapeseed Oil produced in Milton Abbas to locally gathered seeds and herbs for decoration.

We spent very many hours perfecting the rich creamy consistency and textures of our soaps – and many more perfecting the unique subtle blends of scents and beneficial properties of their essential oils, so that they gently release their fragrances as you use them and are sealed back in when the soap dries.

We wanted to make each of our soaps as individual as the person who is choosing them, so every single bar is hand cut or trimmed and the decoration for every soap is thoughtfully chosen and lovingly applied.

Our packaging is minimal, because our products are about contemporary simplicity and design, real quality and our desire to minimise our carbon footprint.

Now we have an all year around core of soaps that we hope will appeal to everyone, including a small animal range developed by our youngest member of the team! All of which you can find on our product pages, along with new ideas created to work with the seasons.