Contemporary, Long Lasting & Luxurious

Handmade Soaps

Our Soaps show that by choosing a luxurious and individual product you don’t have to compromise on ethics or your carbon footprint. We don’t make liquid soaps, we don’t use plastic bottles and we NEVER use Palm Oil. By using a traditional handmade process we are able to make each soap as individual as the person choosing them. Every soap is hand cut or trimmed, with the decoration thoughtfully picked and caringly applied.

We think our soaps are your own mini pieces of Purbeck art, they are creamy and long lasting, meaning you can keep Dorset with you for a little bit longer. Because of the way we make our soaps they self seal, trapping the essential oils and their benefits in for their whole use, more importantly this means we can use little to no packaging!

Why package when you can look good naked?

Gardener's Soap

If you have a love of nature and gardening, then this is the perfect soap for you! Our Gardener’s Soap is fragrant and creamy but packed with herbal essential oils such as Rosemary which is both cleansing and antiseptic. The addition of fine pumice and poppy seeds will also help to remove some of those more earthy garden stains.

Charcoal Cleanse

Charcoal is an ancient ingredient and a big hit with the Egyptians! A natural cleanser and detoxifer, it draws the toxins from the skin and gives your pores a deep clean! We chose three essential oils, Sweet Basil, Clary Sage and Lavender for this soap as they are high in antioxidants, but also reduce skin irritation and can help to leave your skin feeling healthy and soothed.

Violet Haze

This beautiful and gentle soap uses plant extracts to achieve its delicate pale colouring. We have combined Geranium and Violet essential oils which are equally gentle on the skin, both having anti-inflammatory and balancing properties, which may be helpful for skin conditions such as Acne.

Floral Blush

This soap is our sense of indulgence! The rich heady scent of Rose and Ylang Ylang are fragrances that relax, balance and uplift the mind. Coloured with gentle natural pink clay which calms and purifies the skin, just relax and feel great! Wonderful for slightly more mature or sensitive skin!

Honey & Oat Exfoliating Bar

A lovely rich and creamy bar, with a stimulating fresh citrus scent. This soap combines all the healing properties of local Purbeck honey, with the exfoliating benefits of organic oats for fantastic soothed, smooth skin. Perfect for a light exfoliation everyday or a more thorough weekly scrub!

Jurassic Shale

This soap is inspired by the beautiful Jurassic coast with ancient influence and properties! Not only does it contain shale from the coastline itself which acts as a soft exfoliator, but Cedar Wood essential oil is believed to be one of the first essential oils ever distilled. Combined with Clary Sage which is perfect for stress relief and muscle soreness, this soap can wash away all your worries.