Bespoke Memories

Wedding Favours

The thing that makes our wedding favours special is that we work with you to try and create a product that will complement your day, and act as a thoughtful and sentimental gift to say thank you to your guests, bridal party or even for the groomsmen! We understand the importance of scents in relation to memory, and what better way to immortalise your wedding day with something that will always bring that back?

Our wedding favour soaps can be made with you and your design in mind, whether via a scent that is special to you, or using flowers and their essential oils that are included in your wedding bouquet.

We think our soaps are also the perfect way to celebrate a wedding based in Purbeck, as we believe they are like taking home your very own piece of the Jurassic Coast.

Of course, our favour soaps are not just for weddings, and we believe there are many other occasions in life that deserve to be celebrated and remembered. So whether that’s a birthday party, baby shower, christening, something for a large family Christmas, or you just want to say thank you to your employees, we can create something that will be memorable and sentimental to you.